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#WritingtipTuesday – How Can Grammarly Help Your Writing?

“I just want to write, Editors will take care of the rest,” said no writer, ever.  But, for those of you who have vivid, unhappy flashbacks to sentence structures drawn on the chalkboard…Enter Grammarly.

Grammarly is like having your English teacher or your word nerd best friend who has a meticulous eye for detail looking over your shoulder. I proofread and edit my work using every possible tip and trick I can google or remember from grammar school to high school. Imagine a browser extension or app which helps make sure you double check your writing before it’s sent. Want the red bubble at the bottom to become the green light? Get your grammar on.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an AI-powered English teacher in your computer. Their definition is a little more scientific, but I like mine. I think I’ll call her Mrs. English. Fun fact: I actually had a teacher named Mrs. English in grammar school. Sadly, she was the Math teacher, if I recall correctly. Maybe, Art. But, I digress.

Grammarly mistakes

Imagine you’re typing a simple e-mail. You’ve got a lot on your mind, and you’re typing fast. If you’ve got a Grammarly extension, look in the lower right-hand corner. If there’s a little red circle, click on it to see where the problem is. Correct it and watch red go to green. It checks for both common issues and advanced writing issues such as missing periods, subject-verb agreement, and spelling mistakes to name few.

The version I use is the free writer’s assistant and for the last 19 weeks, it’s been keeping track of how I’m doing compared to other Grammarly users, and things I need to work on.


NOT Just for Writers

This service takes things up a notch from autocorrect, but even it can’t catch all your errors. But, when you write for a living, mistakes, and errors are crucial to catch before content goes live. Before Grammarly, I wouldn’t realize I’d missed something because while the word might be spelled correctly, it wouldn’t fit with the sentence. Think the confusion of they’re, their, there or your, you’re or two, to, too.

No matter what job or career we have, we all write in some way, some manner. In our more virtual world than ever, our written word reflects best what we want to say. It conveys our tone of voice, our message, and even our emotion. Having a bad day? Watch your writing. Having a good day? Great! Smile and write on!

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