What’s Next on the Agenda?

Dear friends,

I’m in the last throes of revisions on a ghostwriting book project, so have had to put most of my regular day-to-day things on the back burner – gym, blog posts, cooking, etc. At the same time, I don’t want to give up the momentum of Writing in the Fast Lane’s weekly blog posts. So, I need your help.

Too many irons in the fire and too many book ideas do not a sane person make. So, now the Patreon page is up and running, and Reflections is available for less than $1 (actually, this week, it’s FREE! to download), you can help by downloading Reflections (also available in print) and leaving a review.

If you’d like to do a Book Review in the coming months for a once per month Book Review week, please send me a private message, and I’ll explain the details.

And now for the really fun part of “what would you like to see next?”

Below are book ideas, many already in the works. Please help me narrow down which book to write next, and write what you’d like to see in the comments.

Pre-Existing – A Memoir (born with a heart defect in the early 70s…three surgeries and five pacemakers later…the sixth to come soon…anecdotes, thoughts, the rise of Grown Up Cardiologists (GUCs)), and more.

Lessons Learned as the Road Turns – NonFiction//Travel Writing/Art&Music – Traveling the Art & Craft Festival Circuit with Matt Rogers, Chapman Stick Musician (could also call it an extended honeymoon – 2 years on the road) Want to get to know someone? Really know someone? Spend 24/7 about 3 feet apart. 🙂

Twin Spirits – a historical fantasy romance short story set in England.

The Promise in the Dash – expanded from flash fiction – a coming-of-age tale set in the South.

I See You – magical realism/fantasy – A long remembered fascination with Impressionist paintings, a stint as a travel guide, and a mysterious package from her aunt, her only clues to a world she never knew existed. Nick, blind since childhood, and Ginny, a sighted traveler, find themselves on an adventure between two worlds.

And at the End of the World they Kissed – a  love story told in reverse.

Lucky Penny – a time-traveling cozy mystery where one wrong move in one wrong era could unravel the only world Penny has ever known. The murders are seemingly random, but copycatted from bygone eras. Who’s doing them and how? Different locations. Different times throughout history. And how can they be stopped?

In the Company of Giants (or The Scottish Literary Affair) – historical fiction and fantasy – what happens when 3 great Scottish authors come together from different eras and generations? How would their stories entwine and unfold? What if they shared a secret and would do anything to protect it?

Now, to borrow from two sources I’ve come across recently – if you’re new to the blog, or are interested in my writing services, take a look around my website or visit my Upwork profile.

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Break a Pencil!

P.S. – Don’t forget to let me know which book from my list above you’d like me to work on next. In return, you’ll get an ARC copy of the book!

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