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Want to Read: A Shrouded Spark by Breshea Anglen

Okay, so this isn’t a book review per se. But it does involve a book I want to review in the near future. Why am I talking about it now? Because its not your average find and as the winter fades and spring marches in, I challenge you to find books in the most unusual way. Or at least, in the least traditional way.

Here’s what I mean. Readers and writers spend a lot of time in bookstores and libraries. It’s expected. Yet some of my best book finds haven’t been in a store at all. They’ve been at an art and craft show, tiny free library, an antique store, through a ‘buy nothing’ project, and even through authors or their team reaching out to ask me to review a book for them. We can smell a book a mile away, can’t we? Matt got a hearty laugh as we were driving through some small towns in Vermont when we lived there, and like a child spotting a unicorn, I spotted a sign – “Free books!” I read out loud to Matt that sign at the top of my lungs.

So, how did I meet Ms. Anglen and get my picture taken with her? Man, I wish I had it still! Maybe she’ll come across this post and send it to me. But I digress. At the Waterloo Arts & Music District Festival in North Collinwood, OH last year, Matt and I attended as patrons what we’d normally attend as vendors. Sometimes, it’s much more fun to be the shopper than than the seller. So, while he was looking at one of three vinyl record shops on the street and we were planning which food truck to head for, I saw them…the books. I didn’t see the author at first but as I was reading the back cover and buying the book, she returned. I have a signed copy!

Isn’t it funny how the best laid plans get mislaid? I’d intended to read it then and write a book review last year. But as someone told me recently, ‘Man plans and God laughs.’ Yep, that’s about how it is. So, this is a long nod to a book review coming soon. Look for it in next month’s Book Review week, and that sometimes, you can write an entire article about how you found a book you want to read.

Man, my philosophy professor would be so proud!

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