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The Blank Page vs The Mind Full of Ideas – Who Will Win?

Two nights ago, I couldn’t sleep. My mind was swimming with ideas. The overwhelming tide of information which washes over me daily rolled the waves higher and higher. What’s the problem? Sometimes, too much turns into nothing.

So, like I often do, I turned to my courses. Hubspot said be “human, helpful, and holistic.” Another site said, “go where the people are and see what they need.” Another said, “find your niche and they will come.” Ultimately, yes, they are saying the same thing, and yet it all reminds me of an experience I had nearly a decade ago.

Over the course of two decades, I have worn many hats. I’ve dipped my toes into the fields of finance, real estate, education, museum science, natural and genealogical history, music, cultural exchange, and more. But, it was at a party where I saw niche and too many hats personified.

When you live and work abroad, your tribe can be a uniquely mixed bag. Elements of me were in each pocket of friends I hung out with and when I tried to put all my “pieces” together. Well, things took a nosedive into boredom. It was like deciding to use every single crayon in the box and wondering how you’d ended up with such a muddled mess. Which is how I find myself now telling this story after a sleepless night wondering what to write in today’s blog and waking up this morning with not a clue.

It’s been a short week here in the U.S. and things are still a little scattershot. Tune in next week for our regularly scheduled programs of Tuesday’s grammar posts and Thursday’s freelance writing business posts.

So, though the blank page is now filled, the mind full of ideas should have simmered down. Filled PageBut, to answer the question of who will win the day? The jury’s still out.

I say the blank page won, ultimately. What say you?

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