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Future Freelancer in the Making

When I say I started writing young, I mean it. See picture above. My first ever story, I now know, is called micro-fiction, was written at age seven. But, my first love is poetry. Maybe it’s the need to get things down on paper all at once. Maybe its the cadence of the lines and…… Continue reading Future Freelancer in the Making

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Thirty-Three Cecils by Everett De Morier (Book Review)

The year is 1992 and media coverage focused on the U.S. Presidential Election, the L.A. Riots, and Amy Fisher. These headlines dominated, but there was another story, and now over twenty years later, it is available in book format. It is the story of a disgraced cartoonist and a man who works at a landfill.…… Continue reading Thirty-Three Cecils by Everett De Morier (Book Review)

book reviews · Freelance Writing

What We Read Before Google

Everything old is new again. Vinyl is back. Vintage is back. Farm to table, moon phases, and helpful hints are just a few of the tidbits you can find within these pages. I bet you thought the Farmer’s Almanac was no more, didn’t you? In the last quarter of 2018, I picked up the 2019…… Continue reading What We Read Before Google

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Words and Wanderlust: Journey Toward a Dream

Words and wanderlust fuel my imagination. These words are a part of me, a desire to move, to explore, to visit new worlds. Sometimes those worlds can only be found in books and sometimes you just have to find out for yourself. Armchair travel is one thing, but that first step on foreign soil -…… Continue reading Words and Wanderlust: Journey Toward a Dream