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Traveling the Fairy Path by Morgan Daimler (Book Review)

In the cupboard-sized alcove of an independent bookstore in Vermont, the red spine of this book caught my eye. Then, I saw the title, and almost of its own accord, the book was open in my hand, my eyes scanning the pages. Though I’ve not quite finished with this book, I thought what a perfect…… Continue reading Traveling the Fairy Path by Morgan Daimler (Book Review)

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How Adaptable are You?

The world of freelancing, the gig economy, the makerspace economy, and the best-laid plans of synergistic offline and online businesses, services, and retailers all have one thing in common: adaptability. It is the link holding this whole crazy chain together. Because, to quote Ferris Bueller, “The world moves pretty fast. If you don’t look around…… Continue reading How Adaptable are You?

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Our Year in Review 2018

2018 was a turning point for Writing in the Fast Lane. Though we’ve been in business for five years come March, it was this most recent year in which we laid a stronger foundation to build this business. Here’s what I’ve learned this year and what I look forward to bringing with me into the…… Continue reading Our Year in Review 2018

book reviews · Freelance Writing

The Story So Far…

With Halloween behind us, Thanksgiving just ahead for the U.S., and the season of giving imminent, things can get a little hectic. So, this week is the last Book Review Week of 2018. We hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, and perhaps picked up a new favorite along the way. We’ve tried to…… Continue reading The Story So Far…

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What’s Next on the Agenda?

Dear friends, I’m in the last throes of revisions on a ghostwriting book project, so have had to put most of my regular day-to-day things on the back burner – gym, blog posts, cooking, etc. At the same time, I don’t want to give up the momentum of Writing in the Fast Lane’s weekly blog…… Continue reading What’s Next on the Agenda?

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Ghostwriting: What it feels like to NOT see your name in print

Ghostwriters are the Cyrano de Bergerac’s of the writing world. In case you’re not familiar, Cyrano de Bergerac is a French play, in which a nobleman soldier is in love with his cousin, Roxanne. However, he soon finds himself caught in a love triangle as the poet and scribe for Christian de Neuvillette; the man…… Continue reading Ghostwriting: What it feels like to NOT see your name in print

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Getting Back on Track

You know those days…weeks…months that tend to get away from you from time to time, and you vow to get yourself back on track? Yep, that’s me. Most of the time. Working feverishly behind the scenes to source, research, and bring you content that is useful, relevant, human, and helpful. My track record was off…… Continue reading Getting Back on Track

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A Tale of Two Outlines

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities How easy authors make it seem. Write what you know, they say. Write from your heart. Not too much about how to get what’s in your head onto paper, or in this century, the screen. Maybe…… Continue reading A Tale of Two Outlines