Riding Out the Storm Until (Almost) Everything Old is New Again

Have you ever felt like if you just held on long enough and let the storm pass, things would go back to the way were? We all hit the “if only” obstacle at various stages of our lives and I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last few months. Things could go back…… Continue reading Riding Out the Storm Until (Almost) Everything Old is New Again

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Monthly Recap – October 2018

On the last Saturday of October just a few days before Halloween, Matt and I finally got around to decorating our pumpkin. We bought it the last weekend of September. But, weeks and weekends get full, especially as the holidays approach. “We are creators,” I told Matt. “It doesn’t matter what form it takes.” Hope…… Continue reading Monthly Recap – October 2018

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Friday Musings #4

“I don’t need college, I’ve got YouTube,” said a friend’s daughter recently. I laughed, half agreeing and half reminiscing. Wtih Carnegie Mellon’s recent announcement of its AI degree program, the first in the United States and the world of online learning (MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses) offerings, I got to thinking.  As a lifelong…… Continue reading Friday Musings #4


High Five Friday Musings

Procrastination is king this week it seems. With two revisions of books due this weekend, I’m staring down the barrel of no weekend. I should have been done with one over a week ago and then only had one on my plate. But, in the interest of procrastination, my apartment is clean! Yeah, it’s been…… Continue reading High Five Friday Musings

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Thoughts on April Fool’s Easter

On Saturday, a photo of three trees crossed Framed a yellow moon, full and round Our once in a blue moon Today, Sunday, the skies are grey, the blue trying to get through Rain, tears from heaven Far from the Madding Crowd, I imagine quiet broken By cries of “He is risen!” It is Easter…… Continue reading Thoughts on April Fool’s Easter

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A Tale of Two Outlines

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities How easy authors make it seem. Write what you know, they say. Write from your heart. Not too much about how to get what’s in your head onto paper, or in this century, the screen. Maybe…… Continue reading A Tale of Two Outlines