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Book Review Week Takes a Holiday

It’s been almost a year since we began Book Review Week. If you’re not familiar with it, we posted daily for six days once a month book review from Lisa, Rachel, and our fabulous guest reviewers. It was a chance to share our love of books, discover new reads, and for me, I met quite…… Continue reading Book Review Week Takes a Holiday

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[Book Review] Death Returns by J.S. Peck

Death Returns is the third book in J.S. Peck’s Death Card Series. Not long ago, Ms. Peck posted she was looking for ARC readers and I, of course, jumped at the chance. ARC, if you’re not familiar, stands for Advanced Reader Copy. Essentially, it means a reader can read a book by an author, even…… Continue reading [Book Review] Death Returns by J.S. Peck

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The Broadcast by Liam Falkov (Book Review)

The Broadcast by Liam Falkov takes us on a journey of mystery, shadow intrigue, and a host of characters who are at first, seemingly unconnected. Secrets are the biggest obstacle, it would seem, toward the main character’s wishful lives. Though there are quite a few characters to help the story and give it meat, the…… Continue reading The Broadcast by Liam Falkov (Book Review)

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Ignore Everything You’ve Learned Here

If I can’t prove it’s working for me, how will I prove it can work for you? Well, maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Is it because we’re not doing enough? Writing enough? Writing the right things? Taking the right classes or courses? And the list goes on as we dive into a downward spiral…… Continue reading Ignore Everything You’ve Learned Here

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Calling All Book Lovers

It’s been almost 6-months since we began our monthly Book Review Week. We’ve had great success and a ton of fun hearing from others as well, but thought this might mark the perfect opportunity to speak to those not in the writing industry. For those of you who just love a good book and perhaps…… Continue reading Calling All Book Lovers