Q & A Friday

If Amazon did not exist, how would you prefer to buy or receive a book? Would you A - search for an independent bookstore in your area? In your state…

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Always Be Creating

It strikes me as odd sometimes, that for someone who loves to read books and write...anything, I watch a lot of television. One blog might say it's a time suck,…

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I Made a Promise to Myself

It was the summer of 1984, not long after my eleventh birthday, and my first trip across the Atlantic would shape my world in ways I never thought possible. We'd…

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It Was the Birthday Cake Which Did Her In

"Too many damn feathers!" my mother replied when I asked her why she stopped making character birthday cakes. This I had asked on my 43rd birthday when I decided I…

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Best of March Recap

Book 5 of a 5-book ghostwritten series is with the editor! So, I've got a little more breathing room as this month comes to a close. Bet you'd never guess…

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