Ghostwriting. It sounds so mysterious or only accessible to the rich and famous. But it isn't only the purview of others. Books get ghostwritten everyday, so does web content, blog posts, social media content, and the list goes on. After all, content is king, right?


But on this page, we're going to talk about ghostwriting books. The first question people tend to ask when asking about ghostwriting is pricing. The problem is that every book is different and there are a few factors to consider which I'm happy to discuss on a phone call or by email. But for those of you who want a ballpark, this may not exactly answer your question, but it will explain what you can expect.


  1. Once we've had a call and determine whether or not we're a good fit, I'll create a Letter of Agreement and Proposal which wll have the following elements:
    1. A summary of the project as I understand it.
    2. A timeline - what you can expect when.
    3. Payment details which give the full amount broken out by 25% down to begin the project, then a monthly rate broken out by the estimated months, usually across a 6 month time-frame.
  2. Why is the timeframe so long?
  3. This depends on the author and how quickly I, as the ghostwriter, receive revisions to be completed before the next month's schedule is due.

If you’ve ever wished you could be in two places at once, that you could split and divide to do more, or always thought someday you’d write a book, then there’s your answer to both questions. As your ghostwriter, we are the you, you don’t have time to be.

Developmental Editing

$15/page and averages 2 weeks to complete once manuscript is received, though it can take longer. Bet you thought there was just one type of editing, didn’t you? Surprise! There are several types of editing, and here they are:

-Line editing
-Proofreading (yes, it’s a type of editing)

Proofreading is not the same as beta reading. Nor is beta reading the same as an alpha reader. Even editors and readers have their niche and their place on the team that gets your book from written to published. But what if you could find someone to do a deep dive of your story which includes all the above PLUS feedback about plot, structure, characterization, voice, and more? Think of the developmental editing as a funnel. This editor takes a step back for the bigger picture with a thorough read of your manuscript, then drills down to make suggestions in MSWord with Track Changes or Google Docs so you can work together to get your manuscript completed and ready for your proofreader. 

The proofreader is your final set of eyes before hitting publish. I have proofreaders I work with, but please note it is a separate charge and not part of the initial development edit.

Writing Consultant

$50/hour. Need to get a leg up on your writing skills? Content writing, magazine writing, academic writing, and book writing aren’t all the same. Each has their own formatting, verbiage, expectations, and structure and flow. Whatever type of writing you do, if you need help or encouragement, reach out to schedule your first call.

Beta Reader/Book Reviewer

Beta readers are your target audience readers. They are your market research market to see what works and what doesn’t for your READERS. Look for readers who read the genre you write in. A cozy mystery reader may not be your best bet for a Space Opera. But, if your reader loves Sci-Fi AND Fantasy, then you may have a wider pool of readers. Plus, these guys are your cheerleaders. The ones who tell their friends about your book.
**As a former bookseller and avid reader (to paraphrase Stephen King “Writers, read a lot and write a lot”), I’m happy to be a beta reader and
read a variety of genres. I don’t charge for these two services, though I do ask for an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of the book and once my review is live, I’ll send it
to you to send via your channels. However, it does take time, so I must
limit requests to only 2-3 per month.

Patreon Members: If you’re a Word Warriors or Coffee & Conversation Book Club member, your beta read and/or book review will include a 30-minute chat via Zoom to ask questions and get live feedback.

Hi! I’m Lisa Street Rogers, the creator behind Writing in the Fast Lane…

I’m a writer, ghostwriter, poet, and author. When I’m not writing about freelance writing, ghostwriting, writing book reviews, or developmental editing, I find my happy place digging into family histories or writing fantasy and memoir.

I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my husband, Matt, and our dogs, Della (ShihTzu) and Gigi (Golden Cavadoodle).