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Riding Out the Storm Until (Almost) Everything Old is New Again

Have you ever felt like if you just held on long enough and let the storm pass, things would go back to the way were? We all hit the “if only” obstacle at various stages of our lives and I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last few months. Things could go back to the way were, but do we really want them to? In some cases, the rose-colored glasses are thick with golden age memories, but if you look deeper, the memories are only gilt over nickel.

Over lunch today, I found myself at a crossroads with my penultimate Pollyanna mindset. Ever the optimist, I see the possibilities and believe (and am starting to see it) that everything old is new again. Not everyone sees things the way I do and yet; apprenticeships are available in every profession from blacksmith to tiny house builder to brewer to woodworking. Papermaking, bookbinding, and typesetting are nearly lost arts which are new again. Even handwriting, cursive handwriting classes are being reintroduced in schools. Small batch and handcrafted are the buzzwords of the day, and in the business world its creativity and communication skills. And more and more people are combining their passions – I knew a violinist who developed her music program to focus on training business professionals in the corporate world. Who would have thought?

In the summer, Church Street Marketplace in Burlington is alive with creative professionals – musicians, artists, salespeople/retailers (there is an art to persuasion, is there not?), and poets; street poets. Have typewriter, will travel, er write. If you’re not familiar, a street poet is someone who writes poetry “on the spot”. It’s the busking of the writing world, but there is so much more. If you’re a street poet or have participated in a “letter write-in”, I’d love to hear your story!

Earlier today, I learned about a typewriter repair shop, in California (the start of the street poet – typewriter movement), in which a typewriter repairman is still in business. Like any business, times are lean. But, it seems that as the computer craze took off, his business wasn’t expected to survive.

Then, according to the article, people re-discovered the solidity of the typewriter. It’s purposefulness in meaning what you say – not quite so easy to delete and start again. Read the full article here. It’s truly amazing what has stood the test of time in the adversity rendered of the digital age to analog instruments.

But, then again, vinyl, too has made a comeback. Perhaps, CDs and cassettes are next.  Have you noticed something has returned you thought was lost to the modern age or the digital revolution? Share in the comments!

The businesses which truly stand the tests of time are those that weather the storm. The typewriter repairman’s clientele has changed, but he is a bastion of the old guard. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Oh, and for those of you interested in ROI? It’s mentioned that when he sends a typewritten letter, he gets a 70% response rate versus a computer generated letter which merits only a 3% response rate. I know which avenue I’d choose and since the post office is self-sufficient (thought it is a government institution, it doesn’t depend on federal dollars. It makes its money through its sales), well…talk about weathering storms!

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