Ready, Set, Action! April Spotlight

I love writing about writing. But, I thought as the snows melt and the green grass returns, I’d switch things up a bit. If you’ve gone to the main page of my website, you may have noticed that my focus is on a few wide and varied industries. One of those industries has given me the opportunity to work with Harnham, a digital and analytics recruitment firm with offices in London, Frankfurt, San Francisco, and New York.

Named one of LinkedIn’s most socially engaged recruitment firms, recently shortlisted for best recruitment agency of the year, and in honor of one year writing for them, I decided to spotlight them on this blog for the month of April.

Most of our articles have been focused on industry trends in the digital and analytics space, but recently I was asked to focus more on the recruitment side of things. More and more companies are eschewing the traditional resume for video. Read on for tips on how to boost your resume with video.

And if you or someone you know is interested in digital and analytics, drop me a line. I know just the company that may have a role for you.