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Our Year in Review 2018

2018 was a turning point for Writing in the Fast Lane. Though we’ve been in business for five years come March, it was this most recent year in which we laid a stronger foundation to build this business. Here’s what I’ve learned this year and what I look forward to bringing with me into the new year:

  • The Value of a VA

The value and importance of intergenerational and virtual teams. Where Writing in the Fast Lane has come from and is going is due in no small part to my rock star VA turned partner in this endeavor.

  • Book Reviews and Beta Reading

Guest posts, book reviews, and guest book reviews have broadened my reading horizons. We’ve posted a number of book reviews in the last few months of the year and will continue the once a month daily book review posts into the new year. If you’re interested in beta reading or being paid to write reviews, send me a message or comment below, and I”ll connect you with programs that pay you to read.

  • Self-Care

That it is okay to take time for yourself.

  • Personal Branding

The importance of social media when it comes to personal branding.

I’ve learned patrons of the arts such as music and writing haven’t gone away, they’re just found differently, and have joined Patreon in an effort to provide additional value for those patrons through monthly articles, cute doggy pics, and more. There’s even a short podcast interview! I look forward to doing more of those in the new year.

  • Forging New Paths

The value of branching out and entering contests to hone your writing skills, grammar checks 101, and working with old and new clients. If you follow me on LinkedIn, one of my longterm clients is Harnham and my most recent endeavor is with Volo Press.

Which reminds me, look for my book Reflections: The Girl in the Mirror & The Letter at Volo Press’s newest independent bookstore in Atlanta, GA, The Den! Books should be available there just after mid-January. Again, whether you’re interested in digital and analytics jobs or would like to become a recruiter for Harnham, a digital and analytics tech recruitment firm, please feel free to let me know via private message or comment below.

Volo Press also has opportunities from beta reader to ghostwriter to voice-over actor for their audiobooks. Or if you’ve written a book and would like to see it published in a few months, rather than a few years, Volo Press can help. PM or comment for more information or to be connected with them to get you started.

  • Thanks for an Entertaining 2018 and Cheers to a Bright 2019

And finally, a huge thank you to my ghostwriting clients over this past year. I’ve loved every minute of helping you tell your stories. Marketing, medical, business, life histories, biographies, action/adventure fiction, paranormal romance, food and culture guides, and more.

As we look toward the new year, I hope you’ll take a moment to visit our revamped blog and visit our soon to be launched client site. The client site will launch early January. We look forward to your thoughts and comments regarding our sites and are always happy to receive suggestions on what you’d like to see posted in the future. We are a community.

Wishing you all a Happy and Bright New Year!

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