You are currently viewing Ni Hao, ich spreche Deutsch. Hello, I speak German.

Ni Hao, ich spreche Deutsch. Hello, I speak German.

Between the glossy covers of the AIFS Study Abroad catalog were picturesque possibilities of places to go, languages to learn, and new people to meet. Your patience has paid off. Welcome to the third and final chapter of How Studying Chinese Motivated My Study Abroad Year in Austria.

Our Chinese professor stayed on an extra semester and I was ready for survival conversation in Beijing. Except my plans had changed. By June, I was headed to Munich to study some survival German for three weeks, then on to Salzburg, Austria for the remainder of the year. There was just one thing holding me back.

Third Surgery’s the Charm

It was time for a third open heart surgery and new pacemaker. The doctors thought summer would be a good time. No school and plenty of time to rest. But. But. Salzburg!

After a bit of back and forth, my cardiologist acquiesced. We would schedule the surgery for the following summer. A reprieve and a chance to study and live abroad for one whole year. Yes!

Walking Your Way to a Healthy Heart

And for one year, I walked. Everywhere. When I returned stateside, my doctor was shocked, exclaiming, “As messed up as your heart is, it’s now one of the strongest organs in your body!” When I raised my eyebrows in surprise, he answered my unspoken question with, “All that walking, of course!”

Classes in German and English. Friends from around the world. Old World doctor’s offices to keep everything in check while I was away. An experience to last a lifetime.

So, one a wild and circuitous route, I studied Chinese my freshman year in college and ended up with a minor in German four years later. And that is how studying Chinese motivated my study abroad year in Austria.

There’s Always More to the Story

I’ll go into more detail in the book about being overseas which includes three weeks in the former Soviet Union, one year in Salzburg, Austria, and four years in Prague, Czech Republic.

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