You are currently viewing My First Murder by Leena Lehtolainen (translated from the Finnish by Owen F. Witesman) – a Finnish detective murder mystery

My First Murder by Leena Lehtolainen (translated from the Finnish by Owen F. Witesman) – a Finnish detective murder mystery

My First Murder by Leena Lehtolainen was my first dive into a Finnish author’s work and I am hooked. It’s not quite a cozy mystery, a step above to my mind, not the least of which is because Maria Kallio is no amateur sleuth. She’s a young police detective on her first real murder case. How awkward to discover the deceased is someone you know and that you know all the suspects. It’s a strength of character to keep your wits about you while navigating people who are essentially your peers.

Maria Kallio isn’t as flawed as her superior officer, but she has her challenges. Not the least of which is finding her way in a profession dominated by men. Though she does, thankfully, meet some who understand and appreciate the inner workings of her mind. Set against the backdrop of choir, this tale runs the gamut from lying, cheating, stealing, coveting, and any manner of sins including of course, murder. Twists and turns of love lives confuse and tangle the investigation with a smartly turned red herring direction only to be re-routed toward the answer.

This is also a tale of diving too deep into the dark and believing you’re invincible in the face of it. One man’s greed and desire for power soon finds him the center of attention – on the cold, steel table in the morgue.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it after reading some of the reviews on Amazon and though it’s been a while, I’d say read the book for yourself, and make your own decision. I’m glad I did!

Someone on Twitter or Instagram, I can’t recall which posted this comment, “You can’t read all day….if you don’t start in the morning.” Which is exactly what I did with this book. Another book I couldn’t put down.

Now, like a great narrator for an audiobook, a book translated from another language into English, is quite an undertaking. Imagine knowing a language so well, you can capture the nuances and translate them smoothly while staying in the author’s voice. I don’t know Finnish, though I know some Finnish folks, and know what a difficult language this is. So, my hat is off to the talents of Owen F. Witesman, Translator.

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