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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. Our sights are set high as we round out the year. Check out what we're up to below! Image by: Lisa Street Rogers

Monthly Recap – September 2018

Falling leaves and frost on the window this morning, have brought home summer is over. In Vermont, it will be cool for a month or two, though it’s been unseasonably warm (read: hot) this summer. And before we know it, we’ll be bundled up in winter wear.

Store shelves have an amalgam of clearance summer items, Halloween, Fall, and Christmas decorations; so you can start decorating for whichever your favorite time of year might be. But, as you make your holiday plans, get settled into school, or simply retreat to your favorite reading chair, take a look at we’ve been up to this month.

We hope you’ll find a great book to curl up with from our Once per Month Book Review Week, learn something from our #writingtipTuesday, and more in this month’s recap.

In case you missed it, we rounded out last month with our first monthly recap digest for August.

If you’re in the U.S., we hope you had a safe and happy Labor Day and that the Fourth was with you! Yes, we went there. But, we didn’t let it stop us from our ever-present #writingtipTuesday giveaway and advice. If you’re interested in grammar topics, we post fuller length blogs specific to grammar every Tuesday.

We fielded the burning question of what to do when faced with the blank page, and why it’s important to take time off for yourself. We’re talking to you…freelancers, entrepreneurs, and those of us that burn the candle at both ends. Don’t get burned out, take time to stop and smell the roses.

Ever wondered what it was like to work with a virtual team? Find out what it’s like from two generation’s perspectives.

If you have read Reflections: The Girl in the Mirror & The Letter, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a review. If you haven’t yet, you can download it for $0.99!

Want to have a say in what’s next on the agenda? Or rather, what book do you want to read next? Find out what we need help with here.

Speaking of books, we hope you enjoyed our second installment of the Book Review Week. The theme seemed to gravitate between dystopian worlds from War of the Newts by Karel Capek to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. As well as a look at what has lead to mass extinctions, and what could lead to ours. Check out our guest review of  Ends of the World: Volcanic Apocalypse, Lethal Oceans, and our Quest to Understand Earth’s Past Extinctions by Peter Brannen.

The Time Traveler’s Wife shows us romance and love which exists beyond time.

Speaking of time, if you’ve got a free weekend, check out the latest from Tom Hunter in a land where history and mystery converge. We review it here.

Ready to take the Big Leap, check out our review. And if you’re a writer, you’ll know the best advice to be a good writer, read a lot. Francine Prose takes it a little further in her book, Reading Like a Writer.

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