High Five Friday Musings

Procrastination is king this week it seems. With two revisions of books due this weekend, I’m staring down the barrel of no weekend. I should have been done with one over a week ago and then only had one on my plate. But, in the interest of procrastination, my apartment is clean! Yeah, it’s been that kind of week – stare out the window at the still ocean of white on the ground (I hear 4/20 is the last day for snowfall this year. Fingers crossed!), watch the spiders work their magic in the rafters, then knock down their work in the spirit of cleanliness.

The house sparkles and I sit down to the computer, words long written, they just need a bit of tweaking here, tightening there, show don’t tell, and I might as well be staring at a blank page for all the good it does me. It’s after five now, the weekend is here, and still my creative juices have run for the hills – leaving me to catch up on emails, read a book, check out a webinar, do some laundry, walk the dog, go out to eat, anything to avoid the inevitable. I’ve made promises, commitments, and I mean to see them through. No one sleeps on the weekends, right?

So, I squeeze what creative juice there might be out of this turnip and see what turns up. Maybe adrenaline will kick in or the muses will take pity or I’ll stare at the pages until they seem to almost rewrite themselves. Anyone else have these kind of days? If so, what do you do? How do you get past the block? The “I don’t wanna, but I gotta, how’m I gonna” phase and into the “holy cow I pulled it off by the skin of my teeth let’s have a beer/wine/whiskey/whatever” celebration phase. Ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Yeah, it’s like that.

Until next week, when I’m all caught up, and back to your regularly scheduled blogcast on Thursday and Friday mornings. Or maybe I’ll move Fridays to 5pm (high five me, if you like high five Friday musings).