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[Guest Book Review by Sharon Harvey] The Widow by Fiona Barton

I started to read this book after my niece recommended it to me and I borrowed hers until I had my own copy.

It wasn’t the sort of book I would actually read, and if my niece hadn’t have recommended it to me, I most probably wouldn’t have even looked or bothered with it.

At first the book seemed difficult to get into at first. It flitted from one character to another, but having revisited that thought I think it wasn’t hard to get in to it was just preparing you for what was ahead and entice you into the story and its plot. That thought became apparent finally after I kept turning page after page, which is what a good book is all about.

I love how Fiona Barton uses both First & Third person point of view in the book, that’s the first time I’ve witnessed that in a book… which I thought was absolutely brilliant and gave you the best of both worlds.

There were a few twists were thrown in, like the change of the detective team,  I had expected the same team throughout the book but it didn’t spoil it for me.

As I continued reading, it dawned on me that the story really resonated to the Madeline McCann mystery.

As for the characters, I found I had become that involved with them they became real and for that reason I actually found it difficult to pick up a book so soon after because they were so ingrained on my mind and couldn’t imagine reading about any others in other books.

I’d like a sequel to the book which would involve somewhere the 3 main characters being included for some reason or another. This has been one of the best books I’ve read in a long time and quite possibly my new favourite book. It’ll be hard to find a book to meet the same standards.

An inspirational book for all writers, established and new ones – for me, definitely. If my debut book is half as good as this book I will be happy!!

Definitely a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me.

Special thanks to Sharon Harvey for her book review. You can find her review of this book on Goodreads here or follow her blog here.

Correction: In last month’s guest review, we stated Fiona Barton was the author of The Widow, the Netflix Original Series with Kate Beckinsale. This is not the case. Fiona Barton’s book, The Widow and Kate Beckinsale’s series, The Widow are NOT the same.