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Crack open a good book and find a new favorite on our Book Review List 2018

What is a book? For me, books are friends, family, and the possibilities of what if. They are adventures and affairs of the heart. They teach us. They offer reflection into ourselves…what would I do if? Thoughts are formed. Questions queried. Decisions of what we do with the information is up to us. But, most of all, a book is a freeing of the mind.

A Bit of Background…

For the last few months, we’ve done a once a month for one week only book review week. We’ve read classics, well-known authors, indie authors, nonfiction, and fiction. As we look forward to the coming holidays, and as you find the time slows. Savor the slowness. Find a comfortable chair, and click a link below which looks interesting. I promise, no spoilers.

Better yet, if there is an independent bookstore in your neighborhood or city, go say hello. I’m sure they’d love to meet you and can offer suggestions well beyond this listing.

Books reviewed by Writing in the Fast Lane

And don’t forget to check out the Story So Far, a couple of bite-sized blurbs about books I haven’t yet finished and reviewed. Look for their full reviews in the New Year.

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