Super Della Slays a Dragon

Our little "lion" climbed Mt. Atalaya in Santa Fe, NM today. Back to her Tibetan roots she kept wanting to climb straight up the mountain rather than follow the switchback trail. This girl is a 10 lb dynamo - well, 12 lbs if you count all her fur! She's been all over this country -… Continue reading Super Della Slays a Dragon


Living Blindly Under a Rock in a Strictly Digital Age

I'm a bit old-fashioned, a traditionalist, if you will. Perhaps it was the time spent with grandparents. People who made decorations, gifts, containers and such with what they had. Homemade cooking and baking. Perhaps it was reading all those books. Hardback. Paperback. Pages that crackled and sometimes smelled a bit musty as if they were… Continue reading Living Blindly Under a Rock in a Strictly Digital Age

Driving Our Vision-Lessons Learned as the Road Turns Part II

Wow. August 30th was my last post? There's quite a bit of catching up to do then isn't there? Ok. Here are the highlights: Scotland was magical! Matt played a wedding in Edinburgh Castle and was dressed in full regalia. The couple did such a good job, tourists stopped to have their pictures taken with him,… Continue reading Driving Our Vision-Lessons Learned as the Road Turns Part II

Driving Our Vision – Lessons Learned as the Road Turns

On Wednesday, we leave for Scotland. Matt's playing a wedding at Edinburgh Castle; it's a wow factor when people ask where we're going next on the tour. But, though our excitement is high, we're on tenterhooks imagining the insanity of getting to our next gig stateside. We get back to Texas, South Texas on Wednesday, September… Continue reading Driving Our Vision – Lessons Learned as the Road Turns

Sunshine and Gratitude

Independence Day has a double meaning for us this weekend. It is also our declaration of independence to leave behind our stick house for one in perpetual motion. The opportunity to be of the world, rather than simply on it. It's raining now. Again. So, the "sunshine" of Sunshine and Gratitude seems a misnomer. But,… Continue reading Sunshine and Gratitude

Driving Our Vision – Day 2 – St. Simons Island, GA

After nearly twenty hours of hard driving, we made it to Georgia. Late check-in: 3a.m. That eleven hours I mentioned in a previous post? It flew out the window in downtown Houston. Heavy traffic  all day; we left at 6a.m., and blinding rains didn't help our driving time at all. As tired as we were after… Continue reading Driving Our Vision – Day 2 – St. Simons Island, GA

Driving Our Vision – Day 1

We are on the road! Today's destination: Georgia. We said goodbye to Texas. After Houston traffic and Louisiana thundershowers, we're ready for a smoother drive for the next eleven hours - eleven hours?! - sheesh!        Lucy, our trusty Buick Lucerne is packed to the brim. We can't see out the back window due… Continue reading Driving Our Vision – Day 1