What’s Next on the Agenda?

Dear friends, I'm in the last throes of revisions on a ghostwriting book project, so have had to put most of my regular day-to-day things on the back burner - gym, blog posts, cooking, etc. At the same time, I don't want to give up the momentum of Writing in the Fast Lane's weekly blog… Continue reading What’s Next on the Agenda?


The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – Not another Vlad the Impaler Story!

If shops can put out Halloween decorations before the kids are back in school or Labor Day's been celebrated, then I can talk about vampires. Since Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, I have been fascinated from a young age with the idea of eternal life - its pros and its cons. While we speak often about… Continue reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – Not another Vlad the Impaler Story!

Thoughts on April Fool’s Easter

On Saturday, a photo of three trees crossed Framed a yellow moon, full and round Our once in a blue moon Today, Sunday, the skies are grey, the blue trying to get through Rain, tears from heaven Far from the Madding Crowd, I imagine quiet broken By cries of "He is risen!" It is Easter… Continue reading Thoughts on April Fool’s Easter