You Are Cordially Invited

Dear friends and fellow bloggers, I have so enjoyed reading what others have written and learn so much with each post. So, I had an idea; a crowd sourced story via Facebook. I and a few friends have begun the first few lines and I'd love to have you all join me in this endeavor.… Continue reading You Are Cordially Invited


Words and Wanderlust: Journey Toward a Dream

Words and wanderlust fuel my imagination. These words are a part of me, a desire to move, to explore, to visit new worlds. Sometimes those worlds can only be found in books and sometimes you just have to find out for yourself. Armchair travel is one thing, but that first step on foreign soil -… Continue reading Words and Wanderlust: Journey Toward a Dream

2,000 Ways How Not to Make a Lightbulb: Finding Success in Failure

Stories about history fascinate me. It doesn't matter if they're creative nonfiction like Edward Rutherford's Sarum (the Story of Great Britain from how it became an island to the early 1980s), Diana Gabaldon's historical fiction romance Outlander series, or Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian. In movies, too, favorites include National Treasure and The Mummy. At this… Continue reading 2,000 Ways How Not to Make a Lightbulb: Finding Success in Failure

Morning’s Musings

As a ghostwriter, it's a unique prospect to try to pick up another's thread. But, that is what we readers do. Isn't it? A well written story has the reader anticipating the next scene on the next page and where the story is going. It's even more prevalent in a series. You get to know… Continue reading Morning’s Musings

Getting the Word Out: Writer as Nascent Book Marketer

In 2013, I wrote a book. I got the opportunity to work with a professional editor and graphic designer. The experience was enlightening. I loved the cover and learned a lot from the editor’s feedback, but everything was orchestrated for me, by someone else. The book was written and posted on Amazon, where it sat,… Continue reading Getting the Word Out: Writer as Nascent Book Marketer

Sharpening Your Focus – Why it’s Important to Outline from a Reformed Pantser

Remember the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil? Ground and shaped to a fine tip, it was the only way to color in those little bubbles on placement tests. Its marks on the page were dark and clear, easy to read. Though I'm dating myself, I have a point (pun intended). I am a reformed… Continue reading Sharpening Your Focus – Why it’s Important to Outline from a Reformed Pantser

Here at the End of All Things

Whenever someone asks me who my favorite writer is, I hesitate. I can only choose one?! The list flashes through my mind, like street signs whiz by a moving car - Coehlo, Gabaldon, Lewis, Jordan, Ingalls, Keene, King, Clancy, Cussler, and so many more, certainly can't forget Tolkien...ah, yes, Tolkien...he who started it all.  Well,… Continue reading Here at the End of All Things

Next on the Reading List – Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen

While browsing in an independent bookshop yesterday - yes, they still exist - I came across a fascinating book by Joshua Cohen. The book entitled Book of Numbers is not what you think. This is the digital age - think binary numbers. Well, it's about binary numbers in a way, I suppose. But, what struck… Continue reading Next on the Reading List – Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen

On Sundays I Write for Me

The tea kettle whistle blows warning me of imminent boiling water. If I’m not quick, it will boil over and extinguish the life of the pilot light on the gas stove.  The water has reached the tipping point, ready to mix with freshly roasted ground coffee beans for a warm wake up this Monday morning.… Continue reading On Sundays I Write for Me

Connecting the Dots – Face to Face Networking in a Digital Age

I don't know about you, but I joined Facebook to connect with friends old and new; Twitter to get byte sized news tidbits about the goings on around me; and LinkedIn to support my professional endeavors. Now, here's the thing, as I truly commit to building my business, I've discovered that not one of my… Continue reading Connecting the Dots – Face to Face Networking in a Digital Age