Ghostwriting: What it feels like to NOT see your name in print

Ghostwriters are the Cyrano de Bergerac's of the writing world. In case you're not familiar, Cyrano de Bergerac is a French play, in which a nobleman soldier is in love with his cousin, Roxanne. However, he soon finds himself caught in a love triangle as the poet and scribe for Christian de Neuvillette; the man… Continue reading Ghostwriting: What it feels like to NOT see your name in print


When and How to Use Me, Myself, and I in Your Business Writing

I love playing with words. While everyone else was building erector sets, constructing Lincoln Log cabins, or simply playing with dolls, I played with words. Right about now, you’re thinking, how do you play with words? So, I’ll tell you. When it’s just me alone with myself and I in the room, things can get… Continue reading When and How to Use Me, Myself, and I in Your Business Writing

Lane Changes and the Mobility of a Freelance Business

You know those last minute lane changes you sometimes have to make to get where you're going? That's me. Again. Having a freelance business means I'm always in a state of flux. Slowly chipping away at the marble to find the creation and end result of Writing in the Fast Lane. And when you have… Continue reading Lane Changes and the Mobility of a Freelance Business

Signs to Watch for How Error-Free Writing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

In my first job out of university, I proofread executive correspondence, newsletters, and other marketing materials. I was often the third or fourth person to review and proofread our materials. One day we received a brochure from another organization. It was beautiful. The graphics were bright and simple as was the wording. This organization only… Continue reading Signs to Watch for How Error-Free Writing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Getting Back on Track

You know those days...weeks...months that tend to get away from you from time to time, and you vow to get yourself back on track? Yep, that's me. Most of the time. Working feverishly behind the scenes to source, research, and bring you content that is useful, relevant, human, and helpful. My track record was off… Continue reading Getting Back on Track

What’s on Your Reading List?

Summer is well under way here in Vermont, and school's out. But, I was the word nerd in school, who at the end of each school year, received my Summer Reading List with glee, not gloom. Annually, I challenged myself - how many books from this list could I read before school started again? Some… Continue reading What’s on Your Reading List?

Before You Hit Send: Grammar Mistakes to Watch for in Professional Emails

When you’re writing a business email, you are representing your company. So, like wearing a suit to an interview, you want to make sure your email is addressed to the correct person, your tone is professional, there are no misspellings or grammatical mistakes, and that you’ve signed it with your title and contact information. Before… Continue reading Before You Hit Send: Grammar Mistakes to Watch for in Professional Emails

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Everyday I wake to read articles from, WaPo, NYT, People's World, Anti-Media, and more. I get my news from as many sources as possible. Notice I don't mention television. In other words, I read a lot and as widely as possible. And every day, I get frustrated, angry, terrified, and every other emotion with… Continue reading The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Friday Musings #4

"I don't need college, I've got YouTube," said a friend's daughter recently. I laughed, half agreeing and half reminiscing. Wtih Carnegie Mellon's recent announcement of its AI degree program, the first in the United States and the world of online learning (MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses) offerings, I got to thinking.  As a lifelong… Continue reading Friday Musings #4

Ready, Set, Action! April Spotlight

I love writing about writing. But, I thought as the snows melt and the green grass returns, I'd switch things up a bit. If you've gone to the main page of my website, you may have noticed that my focus is on a few wide and varied industries. One of those industries has given me… Continue reading Ready, Set, Action! April Spotlight