Business English Fluency Training

English is the #1 business language in the world. Even if you speak another business language (French or Spanish), there’s a good chance your international meetings and clients will conduct business in English.

Would you like a better job? A promotion? More money? These are just a few of the desires clients come to me with for their document review. But, it’s more than just proofreading and editing your business correspondence and documents. I’ll make corrections in MSWord with comments to help you remember why something is written one way and not the other.

Do you have a longer article, blog post, email, or an industry-specific document such as a contract? Except for the industry-specific contract, I offer 24 hour turnaround time because I know if you’re sending me an email, blog post, or article to review, it’s likely you’re on a deadline. Contracts and terms of service will take longer.

Would you like to practice speaking to sound more fluent? Ask me about one-on-one Skype sessions.

The EFL/ESL Business Professionals package we’re offering includes:

  • Document Review – proofreading and editing of business documents
  • Corrections, comments, and weekly writing tips
  • Resume/CV and Cover letter review + Interview tips, tricks, and practice
  • Monthly newsletter and twice yearly eBook with additional grammar, reading, and writing practice.

Scroll down to secure one of our current offers!


Alternatively, you can contact me to learn more about the services on offer.

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