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Book Review Week Takes a Holiday

It’s been almost a year since we began Book Review Week. If you’re not familiar with it, we posted daily for six days once a month book review from Lisa, Rachel, and our fabulous guest reviewers. It was a chance to share our love of books, discover new reads, and for me, I met quite a few authors and publishers who wanted their stories reviewed. I hope you did, too. We were building community. Are building community.

Together, we’ve written and read over 50 books this year and its only June! If you noticed only two book reviews this month, it’s because we’ve decided we need a holiday. And the time to read more books, so we can write more reviews. But going into the second half of the year, we’re going to do something a little different.

Because our aim is to build community, we wanted to do it in a much more exclusive way. Through e-mail. And because you love us and we love you, we’re putting together an…anthology, a collection, a book of book review posts. Think of it as your inaugural Writing in the Fast Lane curated reading list –Book by Book Volume I – Book Review Week Our First Year – along with in-depth reviews to help you choose books for yourself to read or for your friends and family.

We’ll do a small printing for physical copies and will be happy to mail them and of course, there will be a downloadable e-book version as well.

I don’t want to be the cliché of “write for us for exposure.” I know that doesn’t pay the bills. So, if you’re wondering, down the road we’d love to offer a small honorarium, but are still working up to that point. So, any guest reviewers you see are writing because they love books and will have a link to a site that is not their own. In addition, we link back to their site or preferred social media link, so you can see what else they write and perhaps find a new blogger to follow.

Speaking of those close to us, we wanted to offer something special to our friends, family, and followers who’d like to become a part of our email communications. So, we tried to come up with a good deal. How low can we go? Well, free is stretching it for us a bit, but we’re hoping you’d like to become involved in our book habits either way. I debated a bit and do have a fee for book reviews on my pricing guide and yet, somehow, I never have the heart to collect it.

Don’t worry, book review week is simply taking a sabbatical of sorts and will be back up and running in September. Just in time for school. Which reminds me, writing isn’t just the purview of adults. We’d love to hear from diverse and multi-cultural voices. And in case you missed it, we love dual language reviews – write in your native language and English. We are all lifelong learners on this journey.

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