[Book Review] The Revenge of Analog – Real Things and Why They Matter by David Sax

Let’s try this again. Shall we?

You know how we can sometimes get caught up on the “busyness” of it all and wish for a simpler life? That wasn’t this. But, I did learn something interesting about how we respond to things today. Quite by accident, this post went out with no content and yet it still received a smattering of “likes”.  So, let’s see what happens when there is an actual review.

Confession: I am a Gen X-er and while I write about technology and up until recently was practically glued to my iPhone. I secretly hope things would revert to the way they were from when I was growing up. I sound so old now, don’t I?

The Revenge of Analog is a book of hope for the way things were. What it is people want now and we don’t want to spend our time in the cloud and behind a screen. We need and crave real-life, person-to-person, face-to-face communication. So, to meet that need, companies like Moleskine figured out how to be something the pen-and-paper customer wanted as well as the more computer focused. They found a balance between the two and made it work.

Sax’s descriptions and mini-histories of the rise and fall of each medium – print, film, music, even board games tells us that while we may often chase the shiny objects, its the immovable and nostalgic ones which speak to us.

And if you haven’t guessed it by now, I recommend this book to anyone who wonders what happened to their LPs, their print books and magazines, their film industry, and more.

Note: Dear friends, You may have noticed we haven’t posted much this month. Don’t worry, we’re working on some stuff behind the scenes and are taking somewhat of a sabbatical this month. This means our book review week will be shorter. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to bring you better and more useful content.