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[Book Review] Death Returns by J.S. Peck

Death Returns is the third book in J.S. Peck’s Death Card Series. Not long ago, Ms. Peck posted she was looking for ARC readers and I, of course, jumped at the chance. ARC, if you’re not familiar, stands for Advanced Reader Copy. Essentially, it means a reader can read a book by an author, even before its available for pre-order, and for avid readers? Well, what could be more perfect!

From the author’s side, the more readers who are able to read and review before the book is even available for sale could help boost rankings on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s a good way to get proactive about marketing, too.

While this book won’t be out before the holiday weekend, it is something to add to your summer reading list.

A Twist in our Book Reviews

Sometimes, we can get so inundated with books, even the most voracious readers can have a hard time fitting it in. So, I’ve started writing book review previews. In other words, the story is begun and falls within book review week. This is where you’ll find thoughts so far and an estimated timeframe for the full review.

Thoughts So Far

Set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this is the story of a young Mexican girl, Isabella, her guardian Rosalie, and the gut check feeling we know when we’ve found home where we may least expect it. To be fair, young Isabella knows exactly where home is, but Rosalie is duty-bound to bring her to biological family members.

Along the way, the meet an old Indian woman, they call “Grandmother.” She is a wise one and seems to suspect Rosalie’s secret. Even secrets Rosalie doesn’t know she has. Enter a Native American sheriff, Isabella’s blood relatives who she’s been brought to live with, and a shady neighbor just two doors down.

The book moves along at quite a clip, and I wonder if it might make more sense if I’d read the first two books. But, there is just enough detail to allow a reader to make fairly sure assumptions and isn’t far enough off the mark to detract from the story. Though, I have the sneaking suspicion that my assumptions will soon be turned on their head.

Rosalie has some psychic abilities and has helped police on other cases. New to Santa Fe, she and the sheriff, hit it off fairly quickly and easily, which is unusual for me in this kind of story. So, it makes me wonder if he doesn’t have some connection or abilites of his own to Rosalie, though neither of them know it yet.

At this moment in the story, the big question seems to be, “will Isabella be safe here?” with her blood relatives, the shady neighbor, and the house down the road which has a host of  characters arrive and depart. Who are they? What are they doing? And is anyone safe?

The Rest of the Story soon….

With the holiday weekend upon us, I’m looking forward to finishing the story, and getting out the full review at next month’s Book Review Week. Though Death Returns is not yet available, I’d recommend checking out the first two books in the Death Card series to help set the stage and learn how Rosalie’s tale began and unfolds. Think I may backtrack a bit myself or heck, I’ve written stories in which I come into the middle of series, why not read from the middle of the series?

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