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The Child by Fiona Barton (Guest Reviewer Sharon Harvey)

The Child is told from a different approach this time – working through the papers and looking through a journalists’ eyes. It was exciting to see things from their point of view. So, I got very excited by this book.

Each character had their own chapter, in order to tell their stories more deeply. I got pulled in virtually straight away trying to work out the connection but couldn’t… that was the cleverness of Fiona’s writing and imagination process.

I hadn’t expected Bob Sparkes to appear although I had hoped he may, so it was nice to see some characters from the previous book appear. All the characters came together by being connected.

I had just worked it all out a second before Fiona revealed it. but it didn’t in anyway spoil the surprise.

Absolutely brilliant read. I had trouble putting the book down it was so full of twists and turns.

And dare I say it, felt better than the first book ‘The Widow’. Whether you’re familiar with the show or the book, scope for another book with the same characters in it; Kate Waters, Bob Sparkes, etc.

I can’t wait for the next chapter with these characters, as I feel more can still be achieved with them.

For me 5 *

Writing in the Fast Lane would like to thank Sharon Harvey for today’s guest review. To learn more visit her website.





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