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Three-Part Harmony Mid-Week Break

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It’s been a few weeks, since I began sharing this story, but there’s one aspect I haven’t yet mentioned. I wasn’t the only child at the time who was wondering what the heck it would mean to live with a congenital heart defect.

For Those Who Came After

Every now and again, my parents would run into another set of parents, whose child was about my age or younger. But their heart condition was newly known to them and so they would call me to ask questions. Yip, counselor from about age twelve here. Because who better to ask than someone who’s already been there, right?

One such girl was about 7, who was preparing for her first open heart surgery. She was scared and nervous, so she called me. Most of the questions were about if it would hurt? What it was like after? But one stood out to me and still does to this day…what about the scars? she asked. Do they go away?

Battle Scars

They do and they don’t. They may fade, but they’re always there. I imagined them as battle scars. Fighting to stay on this Earth. There was some purpose to all these surgeries, I just knew it.

I told her she would get used to them. They would become part of her, but that if she really wanted to keep them hidden there was a makeup which could hide them. Dermablend(r) was great at hiding scars.

But me? I was proud of them. I still am. In fact, when I was in my teens and wanted to wear a bikini, my mother asked if I wasn’t worried about my scar showing. I explained absolutely not. It’s a conversation piece!

Now, I forget about it completely. No one points it out, unless I do. On rare occassions, if someone else has the scar, they might point to theirs and the conversation begins. But ultimately, it’s no different than having a mole or a birthmark. It is what makes us unique, each mark life leaves on us.

Got Questions?

So, all this to say…the door is open for questions. What do you want to know? Anything in particular I haven’t mentioned yet or you think should be included in the book? As I said, this is part of me, so I may take things for granted others may wish I’d speak about. But I won’t know unless, dear readers, you speak up.

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