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A Promise Kept

If you missed yesterday’s post, here’s a quick recap. In 1984, I sat at the bottom of the Spanish Steps in Rome, and wept. Why? I was too exhausted to take another step. My second heart surgery awaited me, and I was sure this would be my one chance to ‘see the world’.

But, it was in the following years I began to question my purpose. Why was I here? Why, with all the issues I faced, did I still know, with a child’s surety, there was a bigger place for me in the world. I’m still trying to answer that question, but here’s the story of how I realized a dream, er vow.

The Power of Patience

If you read the traits which are supposed to be inherent in my sun sign of Aries, I should be impulsive and demanding. And maybe I am, in my own way. Apparently, I have a Taurus moon rising which I’m guessing is where patience comes into play.

But, somehow, astrological sign or otherwise, I surrendered to patience and let it wash over me like a waterfall, powerful and cleansing. There are things which just ARE. They cannot be changed. I don’t know why. So, somewhere along the path of life, I learned the power of patience, and though it took over twenty years later, I was richly rewarded.

What a Change a Decade Brings

In 1984, I stepped outside my comfort zone to experience another world. I was young, impressionable, and the living abroad set in then. Not traveling. Living…abroad. The idea of losing myself in another culture and experiencing a country from the inside out was a path set before me.

In my life, I have learned the power of patience. And the Spanish Steps I could not climb at eleven years old, I raced up at thirty-six. I had made a pact with my childhood self and realized it in my mid-thirties. Such was the power of patience, of health professionals, and will that does not deviate from its goals.

I sometimes find I’m more at home overseas. Perhaps it’s because this is where I tested my own mettle on the threshold of pre-teen years, a second surgery, and a stay in a hospital to let it all simmer for a while.


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