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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson (Guest Review by Armando Rios)

This has become the go-to book in many different contexts. You see it on Audible’s book suggestion for those with a free 1-month free trial and for self-help books in general. I’d left this book in the queue for a while until I saw it in an airport while waiting to board my flight.

Knowing it’d be an extensive flight I decided to pick it up to make the most out of this flight.

The book, in my opinion, is a reiteration of coming to terms with your true self. It may come off as repetitive, but each reader may be able to have a single takeaway that they haven’t considered yet. The book explores an issue I believe has been overlooked slightly too much which is that sometimes, addressing the same issues through a different angle can ignite a different perspective in people’s lives. Not sure if the author’s ideas have already been visited but he provides a blueprint for self-acceptance from different walks of life that may identify better to any regular person.

Being able to embrace a problem, or problems, that comes within a decision was my main takeaway. Making a decision in life, in general, paves way for a dormant problem. Take, for example, buying a car to make a statement among your peers. Having your own method of personal transportation may seem pleasing, but at the same time, devaluation or maintenance may slowly start to permeate as problems. The same issue goes with buying a house bigger than your friends, mortgage or house valuation over time becomes a major problem.

The premise here is to have an equal outlook when making a decision and embracing a problem. The moment you come to terms with decisions aligning with your own true self is the moment you start to ignore outside events, such as your friends owning more cars than you or them getting married ahead of you. As long as you know that what you’ve done so far in your life becomes liable for your own truth and happiness then the rest is just noise.

The book can be redundant at times, but it provides value by teaching a deeper approach to acknowledge any current or dormant problem when making a decision. Self-improvement by seeking authentic and personal happiness is found by making the right choices that fulfill you. As long as what you do makes you happy, while at the same time acknowledging and embracing any other factors then that’s real happiness.

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