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Traveling the Fairy Path by Morgan Daimler (Book Review)

In the cupboard-sized alcove of an independent bookstore in Vermont, the red spine of this book caught my eye. Then, I saw the title, and almost of its own accord, the book was open in my hand, my eyes scanning the pages. Though I’ve not quite finished with this book, I thought what a perfect complement it might be to St. Patrick’s Day today.

I am fascinated by all things Celtic, Irish, mythology, spirituality, and the world of fairy. Maybe it was all those formative years in the hospital where my mind was free to roam and wander and wonder. But, one of the things I’ve truly enjoyed about this book is the author’s academic study of the historical connotations. For some of the poem-like structures, she breaks them down into the original language as well as puts them in plain English.

As a faith practice, I appreciated the no holds barred of why things are done, what to be cautious of, and the possible consequences of one’s actions. The intersection of heaven, hell, and fairy has been brand new to me and I found it interesting the near harmoniousness of the three in the telling.

One thing which has stood out throughout is that some of the things I thought I knew have been turned on their head. This is Book 3 for Ms. Daimler, so I’m excited to finish this book and backtrack a bit through Books 1 and 2. Her writing style is fluid and friendly as if we were having a chat in the garden.

As winter fades into spring, I find myself once again reminiscing on the old while planning for the future. Paths stretch out before us and sometimes the path you begin on is not the one you end up on, but you will always end up right where you’re supposed to be.

“Sometimes the path is unclear and hard to find, the footing unsure. Othertimes though, the path before us is plain and only the walking is left for us to do.”

“Traveling the Fairy Path” by Morgan Daimler, ch. 1, pg. 17

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