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Happy Pi (3.14…) Day! Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect When Honing Your Craft

Let’s put all our cards on the table. Numbers, are not my bag, baby!

One year, when visiting the cardiologist, we did an experiment. With the stethoscope over my heart, he simply said “math” and my heart rate increased. Now, that’s saying something considering the reason I have a pacemaker is that my heartbeat is abnormally slow.

But, when I read an article which mentioned March 14 (3.14) was National Pi Day, I got a crazy idea to use pie crust as an example for an object in persistence. See what I did there?

So, on to yummy pies. That you can eat.

My mother’s best-kept secret, which I’m about to spill, is that she makes the best pie crusts. It’s an old family recipe from a Southern Living Cookbook. But, before I knew that, I’d ask her to show me how to do it. We walked through the ingredients, measured everything just so, then blended the ingredients in the order listed in the recipe directions. The first time we made it, okay she made it, the pie crust could have been photoshopped from a magazine. It was perfect.

Next time, it was my turn. I gathered all the right ingredients and dumped them together. Mix in a little water to make it stick together and roll out. Easy peasy, right? Not exactly. My first attempt, the wet crust fell apart and I had to piece it together, pressing bits of dough into the holes and rips. Okay. Not enough flour to keep it smooth. Little changes. Little by little, I learned how to perfect the crust.

But, you know what’s funny? The biggest lesson I learned wasn’t how to make pie crust or how important it is to spend time with family. I learned it’s okay to color outside the lines. That the first few attempts don’t have to be perfect. Nor do the final attempts. But, as long as its made with love, the right ingredients, and fills everyone with good food and smiles, the work behind it will prevail.

In writing, the same idea stands. The first few attempts may be drivel, unedible, maybe even cracked and burned. But, it’s in the practice, taking the time to preheat the oven (read: get your creative juices flowing), and the timing which breeds our projects baked to delicious goodness. We even used the leftover crust. Little discs coated with cinnamon and sugar – sugar pies. No piece wasted.

So, even if there’s parts or your writing you won’t use in a current project. Don’t throw anything away. You may find it’s the perfect piece for that little something you’ve been missing in your next project.

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Break a Pencil!

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