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The USP of the iPod…for me

There is a unique selling proposition (USP) to the iPod, I don’t think even Steve Jobs foresaw. It helps me walk straight. If you’ve just scrunched up your face, and are scratching your head trying to figure out how a tiny pocket music device can help someone walk straight. I get it. And don’t worry, it took me a while to figure it out, too.

Part of being a sickly child means you’re in the hospital for everything. And I do mean, everything. Pneumonia. Check. Inner Ear infection. Check. Tonsilitis. Check. Allergies. Check. Salmonella. Check. Earlier you may have read the story about the nurse who decided I looked too pale while sitting in the cafeteria and whisked me to the emergency room. Gives a whole new meaning to CYA doesn’t it? But, let’s back it up a bit to the inner ear infection issue.

Another…side effect…of my heart condition is that my visual spatial capabilities are off. Driving at night? Not if I can help it. Geometry? God no! But, walking. You can’t really avoid…walking. Especially when your doctor says walking is one of the best exercises for someone with heart issues. So, I walk everywhere. The problem is that sometimes, in my house I know so well, my mind will turn the corner into another room before my body does. And whoompf! Into a wall I smash. That’s in my own house. What about in the world? You may be wondering. Good question. Enter the iPod.

Turns out that walking while listening to music keeps me walking straighter. Less chance of running into a person, a wall, or some invariable obstacle like the road itself.

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