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Welcome to Life – Oh What a Ride!

The sepia tones of the seventies offer a jaundiced backdrop to the rosy-cheeked child with blue fingernails and lips. Oxygen was precious and circulation was lacking, but my heart? It would not stop beating. It would not stop seeking life. It has known joy and sadness, trials and triumphs, and the knowledge that its secret strength is in its weakness.

The meek shall inherit the Earth. I used to think this meant the weak would overcome, but as I grew, I learned a better definition beyond – quiet, gentle, and patient. To be meek, I read once, is to have strength under control. Yes, I believe it to be so.

Rosy cheeks

Meek and Mild

Fingertips a violet blue

Colors on the palette wheel collide

Welcome to life

Oh, what a ride!

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