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Cherokee Dream by V.C. Sanford (Book Review)

Before we hung up our book reviews for 2018, I offered a taste of some of the books I had in my “soon to be finished” pile, but like all things around the holidays…life happened.

Then, the new year, and working to get everything launched and organized with our updated blog and new website. Until at last, around Valentine/President’s Day Weekend, time paused long enough for me to finish what I’d started so long ago.

Well, to be fair, re-started. This time, I read the story in a matter of days! It’s amazing what you can do with just a little bit of extra time.

If you missed the first incarnation of the book review for Cherokee Dream in The Story So Far, you can check it out here.

Cherokee Dream is the first book in the Pleiades Homecoming series and sets the stage getting to know the characters and the mysteries which have brought them together. As I finished it, I was reminded a bit of The Wizard of Oz – girl thrust into another world, adopted into a new culture wondering if she’ll return home, but accepting she may not, acceptance of others in the realm, a villain not so different from the girl, and some wonderful friends to help teach life lessons along the way.

Review (soon to be) on Amazon – Fascinating Tale of a Young Woman Caught Between Two Worlds

The Native American storyscape is awash with legends and tales which educate, inform, and offer insights into another world. Cherokee Dream is no different as I’m sure Samantha, the main character, must at first have felt caught up in a dream. A mysterious portal thrusts an Earth girl into a world of shapechangers and animals with human traits who live simply – without electronics, without conveniences, and off the land. This is a  tale of mystery, action, adventure, legend, what it means to be family, and hints of romance to capture the minds and imaginations of the reader.

The Rest of the Story

Once out of the comforts of a place she’s called home for a year, the action begins to really ramp up for Samantha. Soon, meeting with tribal elders leads to an adventure in less savory parts of the region. Samantha and her “partners-in-crime” Kih and Trouble soon find themselves at the heart of two mysteries – who is killing the shapechangers and how did Samantha get from Terra (Earth) to Attala (in the Pleaides Star System) if all the stargates have been closed for so long?

There is a lot more to this story than at first meets the eye. It is definitely worth the read. I suspect there is more backstory to Samantha’s tale and am hoping it’s covered in the next book, Cherokee Dawn.  Guess what I’m reading next?

A special thanks once more to V. C. Sanford  for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this book. Follow her on Facebook.

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