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January 2019 Monthly Recap

January and June throw in an extra week and it’s a good thing because we sure needed it as we galloped into the new year. The Writing in the Fast Lane Team was as super busy behind the scenes as we were trying to manage clients and write good content for our stellar readers and followers. We hope you’ve enjoyed you’ve read so far this month, but in case you missed it, here’s this month’s recap.

We made the case for developing a mindset shift over the penultimate “to-do” list, otherwise known as new year’s resolutions. If you’re drowning in doubt and despair for already failing in your efforts to do more, be better, get more done, all the while you’re contentedly working toward your goals, give James Clear’s Atomic Habits a read.

Our word of the month was “adaptability” as we looked at where being flexible and adaptable can take us both personally and professionally.

Before we knew it, it was time for our monthly Book Review Week. We discovered witches, learned story telling techniques and applied them to sales, spent some quality time with what we read before Google, peeked into the what if of history through Foucault’s Pendulum and the Man in the High Castle, learned why helping others drives our success with the points driven home as learned from the real-life characters in the Thirty-Three Cecils.

~ Special thanks to Guest Reviewers Tae Haahr and Rachel Barber! If you’d like to post a review of a book during one of our Book Review Weeks, send us a message and let us know. They begin every 3rd Sunday and end the following Saturday.

Behind the scenes, we created a more client-centric website – like our lives, it is a work in progress. Take a look and let us know what you think!

We also revamped this blog a little and have been busy with our growing email subscriber list. Speaking of growing…Writing in the Fast Lane is around the corner from 100 followers! I think we should celebrate, don’t you? When we reach that milestone? How should we mark the occasion? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re new to the blog or are interested in my writing services – ghostwriting, copywriting, proofreading/editing, beta reading, and more – take a look around my website.
As much as I’d love you to connect with me via social media – you can find all the ones I’m on in the bar to your right – I’d much prefer a review of my book currently availabe on Amazon, “Reflections: The Girl in the Mirror & The Letter”. Currently, it’s got one lonely review. And for less than a cup of coffee, it sure could use a friend or two or ten….You get the idea. Oh, and if you use the link in this email, you’ll be supporting the Alive Inside Foundation fighting neurological disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s through the power of music. It’s a win-win – Music and Lyrics.

Break a Pencil!

© Lisa Street Rogers 2018

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