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A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (Book Review)

It’s been nearly ten years since I first saw the book A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness in an English language bookstore in Prague, Czech Republic. I was the clerk in that bookstore and often eyed the tome with envy. But, books enter our lives, it seems, at different junctures than we first imagine. Now, it seemed, was the time for this book.

Though I prefer print, I’ve discovered audiobooks have a place and are a growing industry. This was my first audiobook and makes a great companion to see me through the first month of a month at the gym. Now, on to the story…

I’ve got just under 6 hours left to finish and am already sad this story is coming to an end. Thankfully, it seems, there are more to come as the stage has been set in deep aesthetic and historical detail. Each character is well-developed; their flaws and weaknesses making them more…human. Except they’re not. They’re well, witches…and vampires…and demons. Humans are…off stage in this story. But, here’s the curious bit.

The witches and vampires and demons are…scientists, historians, and musicians. They are studying themselves and trying to figure out where, why, and how they fit in the world. The thread throughout is an ancient book. It is the catalyst which opens up for the main character, the power that is truly within in her, and that it takes someone not of her species to guide her is telling and touching.

There are turns of phrases and verbiage you catch when you listen to an audiobook. Perhaps you’re more…plugged in…than if you’re reading the printed page. It’s a radio play in your mind and make no mistake, the voice talent is a strong part of the experience. The voice talent in this book is fascinating as her voice for each character is different and distinct.

I’m thrilled to have finally had the opportunity to read/listen to this story and if you’re looking for an inspiring tale about the human, er witch and vampire experience, then this is the book for you.

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