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Cherokee Dream by V.C. Sanford (The Story So Far Book Review)

The action begins in an instant and keeps an undulating pace. Like all good stories, the first line grabs you, yet it is a little too fast-paced for my taste, as it takes until the middle of the first chapter before I feel caught up with the story.  But, the grip I now find myself in means it’s a book I won’t be able to put down until I’m finished reading.

I was given this book as a beta reader some time ago, but life, work, and holidays conspired to keep me from it until now. I made a point to begin it upon receipt, and now with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, I decided it would be a good fit for the moment, and the perfect escape into another world for a few days.

There is a lot of back-and-forth with some dialogue spoken aloud and some dialogue spoken telepathically. Thankfully, there are markers to separate the two. It also helps to navigate the two worlds Ms. Sanford has concocted. If you saw the movie Stargate, it is much like that as a young girl on a spelunking mission with friends suddenly finds herself transported to another world.

In another world filled with creatures and shapeshifters, the reader navigates along with the main character  life on another world, in another solar system, somewhere on the tip of the Dragon’s Tail in the Pleiades Star System. Night terrors and dreams keep our main character from a full night’s rest, and so it is suggested she visit those of the Wolf Clan, shapeshifters who deal more directly and more easily with humans than do the creatures, Samantha has lived with since they first found her bedraggled, thirsty, and exhausted wandering in the dark.

I’m enthralled by the story so far and would highly recommend Cherokee Dream by V.C. Sanford, which she shared with me was based on an old Tsalagi (Cherokee) myth.

As we reflect this week on things we are thankful for, one of the things (beyond family and friends, of course) for which I am thankful are authors and books which continue to teach us about other cultures, other traditions, and other perspectives beyond our own.

What are you thankful for? Share in the comments below!

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