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The Guardian by Dee Henderson (Guest Review)

There’s only one witness resulting from the murder of a federal judge, and somebody out there wants her dead. Thinking he was aware of what he was in for going into the assignment and the risks involved, everything changed for U.S. Marshal Marcus O’Malley after falling in love.

The O’Malley series features seven orphans, Jennifer, Rachel, Kate, Lisa, Marcus, Jack, and Stephen who had decided to “adopt each other” and become a family, taking the family name of O’Malley, with each book focusing on one of the siblings.

Gripping from cover to cover, you’ll struggle to put this winner down as you turn page after page and delve deeper into the complex plot and spellbinding set of characters. The book follows in the footsteps of the first of the O’Malley series, The Negotiator, in a tense investigative thriller which sees the return of Marcus O’Malley. It tells the story of the mysterious oldest brother in the O’Malley family, who is a U.S. Marshall responsible for protecting the Judges nominated to the U.S. Senate.

Marcus not only has a case to solve and an assassin to stop, but the task of convincing a lady he’s eligible for her future too. He’s required to return to his own past to conquer the task, and ultimately tackle the complex matter of prayer… he’ll need to learn to trust a sovereign God.

His life becomes complicated by the vicious murder of a Judge, and the likes of a woman who is a witness to the crime… hers, a true case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His feelings for the woman develop into more than those meant for a person under his protection, and he’s left to decide on the best way forward with the delicate relationship.

To add to it all, his life is further complicated by the rest of the O’Malley family and the trials that they too are going through.

Jam-packed with suspense, danger, intrigue, thrill, and romance, it sure would be a struggle not to enjoy your read of “The Guardian.” You’ll feel a part of the O’Malley family, be left feeling a deeper appreciation for your own family members, and likely a yearning to be as close to them as the fictional O’Malley’s are to one another too.

An inspirational suspense novel which will not only shake your heart but strengthen and return hope to your spirit too. My anticipation is set going into the third book of Dee Henderson’s enthralling O’Malley series!

Writing in the Fast Lane thanks Rachel Barber for writing and sharing her review of  The Guardian by Dee Henderson.

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