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The Bloodline (Book 5) of The Relics of the Deathless Souls by Tom Hunter

If you’ve been following our Book Review Weeks for a while you know I’ve been reading this series. Now, one thing I should tell you straight off is I received Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) copies of these books. For readers, it’s a pretty cool thing and I’ll talk more about it in an upcoming post.

One of my first book review posts was Book One of The Relics of the Deathless Souls entitled The Eternal Chamber. So, in the course of these two months I’ve followed the adventures of Samuel McCarthy, Basile Rossignol, Josh, Waleed, Akhenaton, and Shafira – the good guys. Pin, Pae, Gord, and Valentina – the bad guys.

Overall, I loved the story arc and the idea of chasing religious relics across the deserts of northern Africa and parts of the middle East. I thought the characters were well developed and the peeling back of their layers through each book in the series was well done.

The problem with becoming so involved in a series is you expect certain things to happen. And sometimes those things happened just as predicted. But, I must say I was slightly disappointed with the reveal of the bloodline. It wasn’t what I expected and seemed almost an afterthought, even thought its the title of the final book.

Admittedly, I was hoping for a surprise twist like Samuel, the archeologist or Shafira, the desk jockey turned adventurer was the descendant from the blood line of St. Augustine. I even thought what a crazy twist if it turned out to be Waleed, the thief-turned hero.

The lead up was such that my expectations took a tumble when the answer was revealed. However, the reveal was laid out and explained in such a manner that I can completely understand the direction the author now intended and that the message of was more of unity across the ages.

In addition, a lot of what I’ve been reading (in regard to writing), has said to not be afraid to kill your darlings. I’m not sure I completely agree with that and think that if your darlings survive a danger, it’s just as powerful.

It’s this pacing and ramp up of danger for every member of the team, both good and bad, which kept me engaged and reading a book a week. Great characters, a fun story, and an archeological adventure thriller not unlike that of Indiana Jones, this series is a must read

At the time of this post, the book will have been available for a week. If you’re like me and want to read a series in order, buy the bundle. As the weather cools and the winter creeps, a rollicking adventure across a desert expense with touches of Christian mythology, archeology, and symbolism, is just the ticket.

Order in, sit in your favorite reading chair, and let the adventures begin.


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