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Monthly Recap – August 2018

I don’t know about you guys, but I get inundated with blog posts, newsfeeds, emails, and such. It can be quite overwhelming, even armed with several cups of strong dark coffee.

So, if you’re in the same boat as me and just don’t have the bandwidth to read everything you want to read that comes to your inbox, I’m starting a monthly recap.

If you missed an article or blog post, you’ll find it here.

Though summer is coming to a close and the winter holidays aren’t yet here, take a peek at my latest Medium article about knowing when to stop and smell the roses.

If you’re still slogging through your Summer reading list or looking for your next favorite book, check out our (almost) daily Book Review blog posts. We’re always looking for guest posts, so please reach out if you’re interested.

Looking to up your financial game? Check out our Guest Review of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

As Labor Day approaches, we took a look at the Future of Leadership and the nuances that make up a Dream Team. I know who’s on my dream team. Who’s on yours?

Or, if you just want a good read, you can’t go wrong with The Historian or The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci. Both are immediate favorites here.

Need a grammar refresher? Let us know What’s on your Reference Shelf?

Or just follow our Tuesday posts for #writingtiptuesday as we take a deeper dive into the whys and wherefores of some of the tips we mention. This month, we discussed signs to watch for how error-free copy can improve your bottom line and how and when to use me, myself, and I in your business writing.

Ever wondered what a ghostwriter is, does, or why they might have chosen this particular area? We mention it here.

Wow, we covered a lot this month, didn’t we? Thanks for reading, following, commenting, and liking. If you follow me on Medium, thank you again for likes, comments, and claps.

Same again for those who enjoyed my latest LinkedIn article about the synergy of online and offline worlds  in today’s world to help you increase your ROI.

If you’re driving somewhere for the long holiday weekend, we wish you safe travels and a happy Labor Day. But, if you find life brings you a few lane changes, go with the flow, and the traffic will ease out of the way.



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