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Friday Morning Musings #2

Click like. Click share. Click comment. And the greatest of these is “like”. If I had a penny for every “like” clicked on every photo, every article, every comment posted, I would be…not a millionaire. But, accumulated over the years? Maybe a long weekend trip somewhere. But, the treasure? The treasure is in the comments.

Maybe I’m dating myself. Again. But, I don’t care. If I can, I try to leave a comment, a review, some actual words in this ever expanding digital world. I’m no Ludite. But, I do wonder what would happen if we took away the “like” button? Would it encourage people to comment, to share their views – the good, the bad, and the ugly? Or would we stare at the empty void of our bared soul on the screen of life? I know, I know. Maybe you’re thinking now, what if I don’t know why I like something? What if it’s just a feeling I get, an emotion I remember when I read it? I understand. There are times, a lot of times, I feel that way myself and I struggle to express what I remember or how I feel in the comments, but sometimes the words just aren’t there and the “like” button is a knowing smile.

The strange thing is, it’s not even this blog which has me considering the “like” or “share” or “comment” buttons at all. Okay, well, a little. But, a client I write for has shared with me feedback when they get good engagement on the articles I write for them. Just that quick little email, that they took the time to let me know, brings a smile to my face. I try to return the favor, to follow them, to comment, and send my own emails of encouragement. Everyone needs that little…extra. That little push to set the bar higher, to reach, to stretch. This client even has me considering auditing classes specific to the field so I can write in greater depth. I don’t know. Maybe just the fact it’s more like a hobby ads something to the articles, but in writing this blog, and trying to understand the stats – the traffic, the insights – the pull of education calls me forward.

On the flip side, I read just this morning that George R.R. Martin was taking a break from blogging. To work on his next book. Can’t wait for it to be out, but may have to re-read A Game of Thrones as a refresher. Loved the books. Can’t watch the series. Mostly because I have my own ideas of what everyone should look like. I guess the same goes for Outlander. But, I digress. I mention Martin because its the whole taking time away from his blog to work on his book thing. Yeah, I’ve got something like 30,000 words due to my editor sometime in the next three days or maybe four or five…seriously, I need to be close to it by Monday, though I may be able to finagle some wiggle room.

On Fridays, especially Friday mornings, my mind is a sieve of need tos, shoulds, must get dones, and don’t wannas. But, then I remember the path I’ve chosen. It isn’t always comfortable, sometimes it’s downright scary, but then I remember, we’re all in this together. Music, lyrics, art, science, humanities – a new renaissance is at hand.

And if you need a little get up and go before the weekend, have a listen and rise Up From the Ashes of the week.


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