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A Thank You to All My Influences

January and February posts came in like lions while my March posts get brushed to the wayside as I choose other projects. The projects that pay the pay the bills. And when I get to the point of where something I love is something I do to pay the bills, then it’s time to reassess, to keep the creative “for the love of it” flowing. It’s hard to do sometimes when your passion is your career. I’m just starting out, still in awe of those who have made this numbers game work for them. But, then, something amazing happens. A blog I follow pops through; one, then the other, then another, and I remember why I love to write. So, first a thank you to my fellow bloggers – whether I comment, like, or simply read and absorb each email of your words is a blessing and a reminder to stay in the game.

We never know who our writing will touch. How it will affect one person or another, what feelings we will encounter both our own and those we’ll never know. But, that is the beauty of mentors, of teachers, of those we call friend.

For many of us, books have been and are lifelong friends for others its music, something we share, a common thread, a community. There is something in all artistic works that brings out our humanity, even when we look at the darker side.

The other night, over dinner, my husband and I began talking about our influences. He is a musician. I’m a writer. We probably could have waxed poetic for days on a lifetime of influences, but the discussion began because of a well-known guitar trio – G3 – that he is particularly found of. We were looking up their tour dates and locations, first sad to see their US tour dates ended, but with renewed excitement at the European tour and especially the change of the third guitarist who would be part of the European G3 tour. A new dream meeting perhaps?

When I asked if he’d gotten to meet any of his heroes, he had! Ask him who is influences are and the guitarists that top the list are Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Even in the re-telling, he recalls with fondness the short exchange he had with Joe. My husband had been preparing to talk about the technical aspects and show his appreciation that way, but when they stood face-to-face, he simply encouraged his hero. The look his hero gave him, he said, was as if no had ever said he was great or maybe it was every time someone said so was the like the first time. Either way, it was a moment to remember.

He asked me of my heroes, who my favorite author to meet would be – and the  names that flooded my mind were numerous. Where to begin? My author and genre tastes are as eclectic as my music palette. Thankfully, we could break it down by genre – favorite poet – Emily Dickinson; favorite author of fantasy – Tolkien, of course; of romance, – Diana Gabaldon (epic romance across the ages); of supernatural – Anne Rice (my gateway into the world of writing), and so on. That was easier, but not by much.

We’ve been married three years now and we still find new ways to connect; two artist hearts made one.  And as much as we’re influenced by outside sources, we influence each other as well. His encouragement of my writing has brought it to a new level and have helped me land both a dream client and a dream job. Both of whom stretch me farther and find me reaching for the golden pen as it were.

Who are your influences? We’re all creators here in some way or another. Are you a cook or baker? Maybe it was Julia Child. Are you an artist on canvas? Who was it that first inspired you to grab that paintbrush and begin? A photographer? A musician? A writer? These are the obvious outlets of creativity, but there are others especially in this modern age that defy the term artist as we know it, don’t you think?

And now, a little bit of music to get you through your Monday. Please enjoy Awakening written by Matt Rogers and performed by the Chapman Stick duo, Heartstrings, on their Far & Wide album.





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