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Here at the End of All Things

Whenever someone asks me who my favorite writer is, I hesitate. I can only choose one?! The list flashes through my mind, like street signs whiz by a moving car – Coehlo, Gabaldon, Lewis, Jordan, Ingalls, Keene, King, Clancy, Cussler, and so many more, certainly can’t forget Tolkien…ah, yes, Tolkien…he who started it all.  Well, started it all for me.

As the year comes to a close and reflections set in, I look back to where we were a year ago. We, my husband and I. How far we’ve come both in distance and in life.

We, the collective – a nation now cut off from the world at the highest level, yet somehow buoyed by the 60s-esque grassroots efforts to facilitate change. Watching in horror as a  new dawn unfolded, watching the wheels come off the bus daily, yet somehow the bus keeps moving.

And me – writing in verticals I never expected, working with clients from around the globe, always learning, always growing. Each author with a lesson and each read from their books a new perspective.

Coehlo teaches the inner self. Gabaldon teaches love across the ages against the backdrop of history that shaped nations. Lewis teaches faith. Ingalls the power of a united family. Keene teaches observance and justice. King teaches how to confront your darkest fears and come out the other side stronger for it. Clancy finds story in the details and Cussler finds story and adventure in the heart of the ocean teaching perserverance, justice, and heart. This what these authors have taught me. Perhaps they taught something else to someone else. But, in all this I digress.

Here at the end of all things, a line borrowed from Tolkien’s The Return of the King, I find myself wondering what the new year will bring. Three years ago today, I celebrated my engagement and at the cusp of the new year married my true love. Three years ago come January, I began writing professionally and started Writing in the Fast Lane. What will the next three years bring?

Which author do I return to re-read and re-learn what I need to learn now? Perhaps I’ll get my own book finished. Perhaps I’ll join the millions at the grassroots levels working to facilitate change. That would be something.

It’s a new year, a new moon, and a fresh start to live with purpose, love deeper, and follow your dreams – even here at the end of all things. In fact, if ever there was a time to do these things, it is now.

What do you resolve for 2018? What authors speak to you?




4 thoughts on “Here at the End of All Things

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