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Musician Musings

Sitting at the kitchen table drinking pink lemonade and snacking on Late July’s Organic Red Hot Mojo multigrain tortilla chips (amazing deliciousness!), Matt and I are listening to his Treasures album. Something he said made me stop, sit down, and start recording his musician musings. This week, we’re going through each CD and songs with particular meaning to him, I’m writing down.

Earlier today, we met three ladies in a parking lot to hand deliver a few of his CDs. This is our third hand delivery – and second one in a week. One of the major “selling” points for art and craft festivals is the impetus to “meet the artist.” So, what better way than to call or write and though sometimes we have to mail items, meet the artist in person – wherever is most convenient for the customer.

Laughingly, Matt said when I first started keeping up with potential customers (errr…building a fan base), he thought, “oh, how cute…” Now, I’m smiling as he understands the method behind my madness.

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