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Living Blindly Under a Rock in a Strictly Digital Age

I’m a bit old-fashioned, a traditionalist, if you will. Perhaps it was the time spent with grandparents. People who made decorations, gifts, containers and such with what they had. Homemade cooking and baking. Perhaps it was reading all those books. Hardback. Paperback. Pages that crackled and sometimes smelled a bit musty as if they were old before their time. Who knows? 

While some of the things listed above are making a resurgence, there are still some changes in today’s world which leave me shell shocked. When did cash stop being legal tender? In our travels, we have discovered more and more businesses will only accept credit cards. The impetus behind this, says one such business, is for safety reasons. To my mind, I’d think it would be more dangerous to have credit card files on hand rather than a safe or lockbox of cash. How many big box corporations have been broken into digitally over the last few decades? How many small businesses? How many people really shred sensitive documentation to avoid digital theft? One of my favorites was a hotel who accepted credit cards only at check-in and cash only at check-out, but they billed the credit card for the full amount anyway. So, what’s the point of offering cash as a payment option?

While I’m asking silly questions, here’s another which has been on my mind. How lazy/busy as a society have we become that we can’t remember to note we are low on laundry detergent (see Amazon’s new service), carry our groceries out of WalMart (new service offers order groceries online and they’ll bring it to your car), or order something online, but go to the store to pick it up. Why can’t the stores just carry stock inventory? 

So, what’s next? Can I hire someone to smell the roses for me? How about a digital picture of food complete with smells that tickle your tastebuds and a pill color coded to eat while you look at the picture on your phone? It sounds silly, but how far away from that are we really?

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not against convenience and I understand people are busy…well, are we really that busy. Vacuums, washers and dryers, refrigerators, lights, etc. These are all useful conveniences. But, sometimes, I’d like to be able to walk into a store, by the product I need, and pay cash for it. No muss, no fuss.


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