Herbal Health

How Does Your Garden Grow?

What I know about gardening could fit on a postage stamp. But, for some reason, last weekend, I decided on a whim to buy a few small containers of herbs. I like to cook and I prefer to have the freshest ingredients possible. So, four containers later, one each of cilantro, mint, french tarragon, and rosemary, I was on my way to creating garden to table dishes.

Most of my life, I’ve shied away from the gardening gene or bug, that plagues some of us. I blame the year I managed to kill a cactus. I’m a native Texan who grew up in the desert and yet, in the Pacific Northwest, the one plant in the office I was in charge of, a tiny cactus; I killed. Call it being overly nurturing. I over-watered the darn thing! Whoops!

So, now, 20 years later, I have started an herb garden. I’m pretty sure it’s the first step to being surrounded by cats. Which would be humorous since I’m a dog lover. I guess you could say, the garden idea really began with a hummingbird feeder and a fabulous balcony. I love sitting outdoors and on weekends can usually be found on the balcony reading with either a cup of coffee in hand or a beer.

Today was my first foray into the garden shop, aptly named, Shades of Green. The woman who helped me was very informative and encouraging considering she’d say something like, “put the fertilizer at the base” meaning the base of the plant and I was trying to imagine digging out all the soil every few weeks to put the fertilizer at the bottom of the basket. Thankfully, we got the meanings straightened out! And so, the day after Easter, and at a time for renewal, I have planted four herbs into two pots: Cilantro and Mint together and French tarragon and Rosemary. All four are doing well in potting soil, organic fertilizer, and plenty of water. I’ll keep you posted as they grow and I take cuttings. I’m looking forward to using them in dishes and sharing those recipes with you.

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