You are currently viewing We Got Back to Our Poetic Roots, Hit Some Milestones, and Spring-boarded New Ideas with New Friends in Our Best of April Monthly Recap

We Got Back to Our Poetic Roots, Hit Some Milestones, and Spring-boarded New Ideas with New Friends in Our Best of April Monthly Recap

Welcome to April’s monthly recap. We’ve hit some milestones, made some new friends, spring-boarded new ideas, and walked down memory lane!

When updating my LinkedIn profile yesterday, I realized I forgot to mark an occasion. Not only did I celebrate my birthday this month, but Writing in the Fast Lane is 5 years and 1 month old. Holy cow, when did that happen?! Our babies grow up so fast, don’t they? Which means I’ve had Della, my right hand mutt, almost since Writing in the Fast Lane began – after all, she’ll be 5 years old on May 11th! Which is kind of cool since I just learned May is National Pet Month.

Hmmm….maybe the next book should be Poems for Pet Lovers.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. We kicked off the month talking about birthday cake and learned It Was the Birthday Cake Which Did Her In – so though no more fancy cakes adorned with peep yellow feathers followed over the years, each year brought more books, more memories, and plenty to write about in Three-Part Harmony, a memoir.

Inspired by a birthday gift from my Dad, we took a look at me as a  Future Freelancer in the Making – and kicked off getting back to my poetic roots with national poetry month, 2 fave poems at the time, and a special announcement about an upcoming poetry collection. Join our mailing list to learn more!

If you’re following the Three-Part Harmony thread, we spent most of the week meeting challenges and keeping promises to ourselves all while living the promise in the dash. All with a dash of poetry mixed in at each stage of reflection and forward thinking momentum.

Three-Part Harmony

We’ve kicked our Book Review Week up a notch by adding the option for dual language book reviews for our guest posters who speak a language other than English.

Check out our video Introducing Dual Language Book Reviews – with special thanks to Oana Pauna from Romania for the inspiration and for sharing her guest post to her social media sites.

Book Review Week

Want us to review your book? Let us know in the comments or send an email.

We passed the 100-follower milestone and are well on our way to 200. Since I’m a fan of go big or go home, let’s see how quickly we can turn that 100 into 1000!

On the cusp of April and May, and as my birthday month comes to a close, here are some ways to say “Happy Birthday” to the Writing in the Fast Lane blog.

  • Comment with a childhood birthday memory and/or share this post
  • Join our email list – we only send one email every other week and it’s easy to opt-out if you decide it’s not for you.
  • Volunteer time or donate to a cause – any cause of your choosing – if you want to join me, I support the Alive Inside Foundation, HeartGift, the American Heart Association, Cole Link Foundation, the Girl Scouts, the Malayka House, any library, used, or independent bookstore, and I’ll probably remember five more as soon as I hit publish.
  • Leave a review on Reflections; The Girl in the Mirror & The Letter. It was one of my first books and part of an MFA application. Read it and when the next book comes out, hopefully, you’re surprised at how much the writing has improved. Always honing, always writing.
  • Become a beta reader or guest book reviewer
  • Join me in my own April Writing Challenge – every day I’m sending 2-3 queries, pitches, or stories for potential publication. The more you write…
  • These are my ideas, I’m always open to suggestions

If you’d like to post a review of a book during one of our Book Review Weeks, get in touch for more information. And in case you missed it, we’re now doing Dual Language Book Reviews.

Special thanks to our April guest post reviewers, Oana Pauna, Armando Rios, and Rachel Barber. Also, a special shout out to April’s Reflections: The Girl in the Mirror & The Letter purchasers! Thank you for your support.

Have you ever thought about writing a book? At Writing in the Fast Lane we focus on ghostwriting and book reviews – take a look around our website for details.

As much as I’d love you to connect with me via social media – you can find all the ones I’m on in the bar to your right – I’d much prefer a review of my book currently available on Amazon, “Reflections: The Girl in the Mirror & The Letter”. Currently, it’s got one lonely review. And for less than a cup of coffee, it sure could use a friend or two or ten…. Oh, and we’re on Goodreads too!

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