Much like an Executive Assistant is to a CEO, a Ghostwriter is to an Author. Whatever you need to be written, you are the author of that format, whether it is an article, a book, a blog post, an eBook, a manual, a speech, an email, and the list goes on. We work with clients who a) want to write, but are limited on time, b) want to increase engagement with their followers and grow their audience, and c) assist with content strategies, web copy audits, company profiles, etc.

If you’ve ever wished you could be in two places at once, that you could split and divide to do more, or always thought someday you’d write a book, then there’s your answer to both questions. As your ghostwriter, we are the you, you don’t have time to be.

Lisa Street Rogers - Ghostwriter

Hi! I’m Lisa Street Rogers, the creator behind Writing in the Fast Lane…

Lisa is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, poet, and author. She has written about freelance writing, data and analytics, recruitment, business, and finds her happy place in family research, historical biographies, and fantasy. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, Matt, and their dogs, Della (ShihTzu) and Gigi (Golden Cavadoodle).

Words and wanderlust fuel my imagination. When I’m not writing, reading, or travelling, I’m cooking, studying, and always planning my family’s next adventure. My interests are wide and varied which, as it turns out, helps my writing. A lifetime of genealogical research and travels keep my mind full of characters, stories, languages, and ideas.

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